The Atlantic coast & the Bay of Arcachon





A lively seaside town on the bay of Arcachon with many restaurants,  shops, a Casino,  a fisherman's and sailing port that can harbour almost 2500 boats, and the choice of a large variety of sports and cultural pastimes.

Beaches for all tastes 

Over 7 km of fine sand beaches, for both walkers and lazy beach lovers. Nestled in the middle of the town centre with its blue and white tents or at the foot of a seaside garden, each beach has its own specific character. It has everything: a water-sports centre, a sailing school, a yacht club; not forgetting competitive fishing, boat rides in the bay…



lacanau beach 

Situated in the heart of the Médoc peninsula, Lacanau is both an immense beach (more than 14 km) on the Atlantic coast, a vast 
2000 ha lake and an omnipresent pines forest. It is privileged in its geographical situation and a recognised microclimate (more than 
2300 hours of sun per year). Located at 60 km from Bordeaux, regional capital of Aquitaine, within a stone's throw from some of the most renowned vineyards: Médoc, St Emilion, Graves and Sauternes.

Here, nature and sports are indissociable. Everything is planned for a bracing and invigorating stay, such as walking on foot, on horseback, or riding a bike on the significant cycle tracks network, as well as practising all forms of water sports and ball plays... not forgetting fitness thanks to the balneotherapy.


Le Porge

golden retriever


More than 13 kilometres of long, golden, beautiful and wild beaches...

le porge forest  le porge flowers  le porge restaurants  

You will smell the iodised air of the ocean along the famous dunes shaped by the wind and which are always creeping over land. Take a breath with one of the purest air coming from the sea. Enjoy that feeling of freedom on this wild coast.

Le Porge has kept its natural balance and has evolved in harmony with the surrounded nature. From the top of a dune you will discover the extent of 12 000 hectares of maritime pines planted and exploited by the inhabitants for several centuries. A patient and attentive walker will discover a wide variety of animal life and flora.

A village of beach restaurants offers seafood, steaks, pizzas and regional specialities.

Dune of Pyla    


At 60Km from Bordeaux, in the South of the Arcachon Bay, it is possible to visit the highest dune in Europe, the Great Dune of Pyla (or Pilat). This dune reaches a height of 107m. At this summit, the view is spectacular with the ocean coast, the inlet of the Bay, the large pine forest and, when the sky is very clear, the Pyrenees Range. This Great Dune is constituted of fine sand which the siliceous grains have about the same size. Since about ten years, this area is also became a point of start to the lover of delta planes.
The Great Dune of Pyla is located on the “La Teste de Buch” district (Gironde) and it is a national listed landscape.


île aux Oiseaux

île aux oiseaux

"A mysterious island, guarded by the famous pile dwellings..."

Visible from the shores of the Bay of Arcachon, the île aux Oiseaux (bird island) immediately catches the eye and arouses the curiosity. Seen from far, it seems to stretch endlessly in the waves, and though the rare copses of trees and fishermen-huts seem to lend it a certain idea of relief, it stays a mystery for most of the viewers. Nevertheless the island is not unknown to everybody.
First of all there is the oyster fishers, who's numerous oyster beds are laid out all around the island. Secondly there are the yachtsmen for whom it seems an attraction not to be missed and who's small craft are often crowded around the piles of the famous pile dwellings. And last but not least there is the colonies of birds that gather here and thus provided the island with a name.












































































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