Bordeaux  Wine Tasting at the chateaux

Here are our recommended chateaux  & services

 They will all be happy to  give you a tour of their chateaux along with a tasting in English.

Visits need to be reserved in advance and there is usually a small charge.

Saint Emilion



                         33 330 SAINT-EMILION FRANCE 


st emilion


Chateau Fonplegade


Wheelcahir access




chateaux villemaurine

wine cellars

Castillion Cotes de Bordeaux - next to St Emilion

Clos Vieux Rochers


clos vieux rocher




chateaux de la riviere


Lynch Bages



lynch barges




Château Pichon Longueville,

2nd Cru Classé of Pauillac,

a neo-classique château with

stunning wine making facilities.

 pichon longueville

Cotes De Bourg


haut maco



  haut maco      cote de bourg


Entre Deaux Mers

Chateau de Sours

Entre Deux Mers

chateau de sours



Château Petit Village


situated in the heart of prestigious Pomerol,


with spectacular renovated cellars and winemaking facilities.


Château Petit Village


Château Suduiraut

 1er Grands Cru Classé de Sauternes

 a wonderful place to discover the magical

 wines of Sauternes.

Château Suduiraut

Lugon Cave
Les Vignerons du Fronsadais

The Union de Producteurs de LUGON 

Bordeaux  in  7 days

  • 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites within 30 minutes

  • Cave etchings predating Lascaux - between 33,000 and 26,000 BC.

  • Some of the best  wines in the world!

  • Medieval towns

  • Citadels

  • Chateaux

Wine tours - chauffeur driven cars collect you and take you to the chateaux

route des chateaux

The solution to your visit to the  Bordeaux    region



route des chateaux

Personalized transport, in luxury, air-conditioned vehicles




Bordeaux Wine travel



Weingüter  Bordeaux Weinkeller

Bordeaux Wine vacations, Chauffeur Service in Bordeaux 


Chez Emilion

In the heart of the Bordeaux vinyard region

3 UNESCO World Heritage sites

within 30 minutes drive

bordeaux holiday rentals    bordeaux holiday rentals

wine accomodation

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