Bordeaux Tramway


 The best way to enter Bordeaux is by tram

The nearest terminus, La Gardette, Avenue des Griffons, Carbon Blanc,  just a 15 minute drive from Chez Emilion.


For  Les Lauriers at Lormont,
Directions to  Les Lauriers, Lormont,
Take the RN10 in the Bordeaux direction, continue onto the A10  to exit 45  then to La Gardette, 33310 Lormont.

On entering the car park, buy a ticket to Bordeaux. If booth is closed buy a ticket on the platform. Be patient, the sun shines on the window so it's difficult to see.

€4.50 for a return journey for the car and all the passengers.
On boarding the tram insert your ticket into the machine to validate it.

Keep your tickets for the return journey and particularly the driver's ticket "conducteur" as you will need this to exit the car park.

We recommend you get off the tram either just after crossing the river
or stay on to the Rue Saint Catherine.